Let's Navigate Government Contracts together!!

Every small business owner and key leader knows that it’s lonely running a company when every decision counts.   One misstep in understanding and complying with the thousands of pages of regulations and processes that GOVCON business owners face and wrestle with daily can spell the end of your business – and your way of life.   

And when you are the one awarding the contracts, the stakes are just as high. One misstep can drastically impact your agency’s mission – and ultimately your career.

And while things have definitely improved, these challenges are even harder if you are a woman in GovCon.

How would YOU benefit if you regular contact and support from like-minded women in GOVCON who face the same challenges as you do?

Wonder no more because our community is here! We give you processes you can implement immediately and support and guidance when you need it!

We operate from a mindset of abundance, not competition. So everyone is welcome. We focus on community and relationship. 

Monthly Webinars and Networking

Invest an hour with us each month to learn what works in GovCon. Topics will include the following.

  • Where the industry as a whole is going
  • What we can do to support women in this field
  • How we can help WOSBs talk full advantage of their opportunities to support the government’s contractual needs. 


And we have a lot of fun too!

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