GOVCON Is About Relationships, Strategy & Process

We help you with all three

Every business owner, principal or key employee can benefit from a personal board of advisors that meets on a regular basis. This is particularly true in GOVCON.  The last few years have been hard, and the years ahead look poised to present increasingly difficult hurdles to overcome. Competition is fierce, resources are stretched, and every day it gets tougher to win contracts – and to effectively manage them so that you can leverage your GOVCON success to grow your business.

One misstep in understanding and complying with the thousands of pages of regulations and processes that GOVCON business owners face and wrestle with daily can spell the end of your business – and your way of life.

how would you benefit from a support group made up of like-minded women who are facing and overcoming the same challenges as you are?

We are building this community and we want you to join us!

We focus on community and relationship with a mindset of abundance. Everyone is welcome.  

Invest in yourself and build valuable relationships in our monthly networking events. Each attendee is give an opportunity to talk about their business, what they are working on and what they most need to receive from their network.

And because success in GovCon is about process and strategy too, each month we feature either a panel discussion or an expert sharing information that is essential to your success in GovCon and in running a thriving business. 


"Thank you for hosting a great event on Friday. It was so well done!! I have a lot of notes and learned so much. If only all meetings were so efficient and effective! Have a great week"
Maureen Russell
Director, Business Development
"...thanks so much for your presentation today. I was taking notes for my Manager, Mari Fountain – FDG Products who had another meeting and couldn’t attend. The information was really valuable..."
Evelyn Guillen
Administrator, FDG Products

Monthly events

We host events monthly that provide opportunities to learn and to connect with other women in GovCon that can help you grow your business.

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