Wisdom Wednesday

What to Do When Nothing Is Going Right

For some reason I feel compelled to talk about what to do when nothing goes right. Maybe it’s because the GovCon FY ends with victories (awards) and disappointments (losses). Or maybe it’s because it’s 2020 and most things we expected in year are different, maybe even disappointing. As businesswomen/business person, we know that disappointments go with the territory. A much-anticipated… Read More »What to Do When Nothing Is Going Right

What, Who, How, When, Why

If you’ve been operating in GovCon for any length of time someone has told you to “watch beta.SAM.gov for RFPs to bid on and start bidding.” And if you are like many – you followed that advice. And when you viewed this site you learned that the government buys nearly every product and most services that are available in the… Read More »What, Who, How, When, Why

Q4 Requires GRIT

It’s Q4. The race is not quite over yet. There are still calls to be made – and yes – even proposals to be written. Why do you do it? I suspect it is because you are blessed with “grit”. What is grit? Grit is the place where passion meets perseverance. To no small degree, it often is the only… Read More »Q4 Requires GRIT